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Professors of Instructional Design and Technology

The 23rd Annual gathering of Professors of Instructional Design and Technology (PIDT) was held in May 2008 in Memphis TN to celebrate 20 years of PIDT..

"The Professors of Instructional Design and Technology (PIDT) Conference is an annual retreat where professors, selected doctoral students, and other individuals interested in instructional design/instructional gather from around the nation. By design PIDT is a small conference with typically 60 - 100 attendees and is held alternatively in the mountains of Virginia and Colorado and among the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN. It is a great opportunity for participants to visit, brainstorm, collaborate, and share with others with strong interests in instructional design. The structure of the program, interests and abilities of those in attendance and the conference’s physical setting combine to make it a uniquely focused event."
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Each registered faculty member can sponsor the attendance of one graduate student from his/her university. There is a place on the registration form for students to indicate who their sponsoring faculty member will be.

Typical subjects of interest during the conference include:

  • History and evolution of programs, degrees, and curricula
  • The online explosion and creating online social networks and environments
  • Foundations, roots, and genealogies of the field
  • New and evolving instructional and learning theories
  • New technologies
  • Publishing processes, genres, and venues
  • Core competencies, skills, and responsibilities of instructional designers
  • Early and mid-career advice and entering the job market
  • The culture of the professoriate
  • The Work/life balance
  • Curriculum for graduate and undergraduate IDT programs

Discussion threads identified both before and at the conference provide ample opportunity for networking and prolonged conversations on topics of interest to members of the group. The conference atmosphere is typically informal.

Professors are invited to bring advanced doctoral students who would benefit from attending the conference. In keeping with long-standing PIDT tradition, two to three advanced doctoral students in the final year of their studies who are interested in a career in higher education accompany (on a paying basis) faculty members from each institution.

PIDT 2007 Conference Registration

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